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Full composite 170 Pattern Caelus

Product introduction

TOP-P0002AII          170 Pattern Caelus

Wing Span: 1830mm

Length: 1982mm                                                                                            

Net Weight:  2400g

Wing area: 58.92 dm2
ESC: 120A High voltage Brushless ESC
Motor: Outer rotor, 63-60 220KV
1. Full fiberglass construction , sandwichrumpf  by Airex, balsa & epoxy.                           
2. All surface prepainted,decals applied and clear coated
3. Adjustable incidence available in the wing and tailplane
4. Detachable main wing for easy transportation
5. Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories.
6. High quality Alu push rod, fit Carbon fiber Engine mount included.
7. Carbon fiber landing gear included
8. More than 95% assembled complete in factory.
9. Radiators on fuselage can be made in factory as per customers' demands

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